Tokyo Disney Resort®

As the largest theme park in Japan and Asia, the Tokyo Disney Resort® was created to balance time and space. Each facility has its own theme and sense of fun. The monorail system, the Disney Resort Line connects Tokyo Disneyland, Ikspiari and Tokyo Disney Sea. Higher quality and more comprehensive than any other theme park, experience your dreams and be inspired at this ‘ Theme Resort ’.

Welcome to Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel

The circular building is striking. Natural light pours in through the glass windows of the 11 storey vaulted ceiling of the atrium. This atrium balances the calm that nature brings and the lively atmosphere of the street. It is at the center of guest rooms with a maximum capacity of 3-6 people, a spa, restaurants, an independent chapel and shops.
Our motto is “ 360°of hospitality, a 360°stage, ∼ 360°Fun and Relaxation ∼ ”.


In the Atrium, the light, water and greenery of nature bring a sense of comfort that balances the lively atmosphere of a street scene. Natural light pours in through the vaulted glass ceiling of the 11 storey atrium making for a large, open area. It's an entertainment space where you can be a part of a variety of scenes. Experience nature with the babble of a brook and green trees, or promenade on a wooden deck lined with restaurants and shops.

Rooms   Restaurant   Bridal

Themed on tones of sandy-beige accented with warm orange and relaxing green, our rooms provide our guests with a memorable experience and gentle afterglow.

Our western-style restaurant is located in the 11 storey atrium. The menu features regional ingredients and cooking methods served in an atmosphere in harmony with nature.

You'll truly feel you're at a resort in the independent chapel with its panoramic view of the Tokyo Bay Area and light streaming through the glass ceiling. Enjoy the private garden surrounded in greenery in front of the chapel and make use of the flower shower and welcome champagne.

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